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Teach fitness , weight loss, self-defence and competition


  • Category : Boxing
  • Age : Year 4-12
  • Adult : Available

Course Description


Develop Fitness & Flexibility
Build Strength & Conditioning
Improve your Cardio and Endurance
Experience New Motivation
Weight-loss and Body Toning
Learn Self-Defence


Develop Coordinate
One of the key aspects about this program is the aim to develop the kids co-ordination and control of their bodies. Balance, flexibility, agility and speed are way easier to develop at a young age. Kids tend to learn them quite quickly and the results are amazing.
Strength and Conditioning
As part of Muay Thai, there is a lot of exercises involved that will make the kids get in a better physical shape. Using the natural movements and weight of their body, there is no better way to develop and mature a child as they grow!
Teach Dedication
Kids will learn very quickly that if they want the expected results, they will need to dedicate themselves. This will be something they will take for the rest of their lives. Not only in Muay Thai, but in everything that you want to achieve with excellence, dedication is the key.

We want everyone to enjoy the fun and fitness of Muay Thai , we teach everybody from beginners through to professional fighters .

Thai boxing (Muay Thai) offers something for everybody , from fitness , weight loss , self-defence and competition. All we ask is turn up with a positive attitude and willingness to learn .

We make it easy to get started training in Muay Thai .

Get fit today with convenient classes!